Your UKAS accredited test facility

We are an independent UKAS accredited test house based in Daventry in Northamptonshire.

We undergo a full audit and assessment each year which is led by a UKAS representative auditor who assesses the services we carry out both on site and internally in our laboratory. Our UKAS number is 7644.

All stages of our business operations are checked to ensure strict guidelines and policies are being adhered to inline with UKAS guidelines and BS EN 17025. We pride ourselves on accuracy, exceeding targets and expectations and finally, pro-active customer support.

To ensure we are compliant with UKAS guidelines and following correct protocol, we carry out complete internal inspections on a regular basis coupled with continued management monitoring and adjustments, where required.

For absolute clarity, we have signposted and highlighted each service which falls under the scope of our UKAS. A demo of this can be seen below for reference.

If you do not see the graphic below on a service page on this website, it is not a UKAS service.

The appointed person in charge of our UKAS accreditation is Mr Luke Majek (Group Director). If you have any questions regarding our UKAS license or would like to know more, please contact us via our live chat facility or by using our contact form.

View our Schedule of Accreditation directly on the UKAS website